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Go Digital Now - The Ultimate Small Business Playbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this book work on Kindle?

Yes! You can add this book to your kindle device, or download the PDF to your iOS or Android device with helpful diagrams and images (colour), or you have the option to purchase this book as a paperback (Lulu).

What do you mean by playbook?

Go Digital Now - The Ultimate Small Business Playbook. The playbook refers to a book that is actionable. I don't just share ideas, concepts and strategies... I also share how you can execute.

I do this by incorporating all the video tutorials and written articles that I have been making for small business owners over the last 3 + years.

What will I get out of this book?

So much value! If you're a new business owner or existing business owner and want to learn how you can better leverage the internet to grow your small business... Then this is the book for you. I don't just talk about it, I show you how to do everything by sharing many types of resources.

Am I too old to shift my business online?

No, you are never too old or too late to the game. This book is for beginners, those with little to no experience with the digital world. I also share advanced strategies and concepts BUT I break these down in a way that ANYONE can follow.

Who is this book for?

This practical playbook is for everyone! So if you are thinking about launching or already operating one of the following businesses…

- Local business

- Service-based business

- eCommerce Business

- Sole proprietorship

- Entrepreneurial venture

- Influencer business

- Freelancing

- Start-up

Then this easy-to-digest DYNAMIC playbook is for you!