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Go Digital Now is similar to a marketplace... However, we're focused on creating affordable tools, templates and resources that are dedicated to small business owners.

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  • About Stewart Gauld (Founder)

    My name is Stewart and over the last 6 years, I’ve been doing two main things.Β 

    One, being actively involved with many of small businesses around the world – setting up websites, online systems, strategies and other online marketing activities.Β 

    Two, focusing on researching and producing educational content for small business owners, with the intention of equipping these business owners with the skills, knowledge and tools to help them transition online and thrive in a digital world.

    Helping businesses go digital is my passion.Β 

    I’ve been able to do this through my digital media and marketing agency calledΒ Syndeo Media, and my education-based brand calledΒ Stewart Gauld.

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