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Social Media Planner and Content Calendar + Marketing Blueprint

Social Media Planner and Content Calendar + Marketing Blueprint

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Ultimate Social Media Planner for Small Businesses

This is my #1 recommended Social media planner and calendar for small businesses (4 dynamic and customizable views + marketing blueprint).

Get yourself my social media planner designed for any type of small business looking to build a brand online through social media.

Plan your content, schedule, and manage all your social media campaigns through this dynamic Notion template.

This powerful social media planner allows you to create a social media schedule and stick to it! Building a brand requires following a posting schedule across your social media platforms consistently.


How does it work?

  1. Purchase the digital product.

  2. Download the PDF and click the link inside.

  3. Duplicate the page to your own Notion workspace or simply bookmark it.

  4. Access the 14-page Social Media Marketing Blueprint PDF and use your new-found knowledge to plan and manage your social media campaigns.

By implementing this Social Media Planner into your business, you'll create a strong brand strategy, a solid system, and a posting schedule that works for your business. 

This is a dynamic template built with Notion, it's easy to use and just requires a free Notion account.


What's included?

✓ Notion template (You do not need a Notion account). 

✓ 4 dynamic and customizable planner views (list, kanban, calendar, and timeline view).

✓ PDF instructions on how to use the template.

✓ Social Media Marketing Blueprint (14-pages) of recommended tips, tools, and strategies to help you crush it with Social Media Marketing.

✓ Video tutorial on how to use this template.


What types of business is this template ideal for?

This Notion template is ideal for all types of small businesses, in particular:

✓ Agencies.

✓ Personal brands.

✓ Service-based businesses.

✓ Content-driven businesses.

✓ Consultants.

✓ Construction.

✓ Restaurants & cafes.

✓ Cafes.

✓ Accommodation (Hotels, motels, hostels).

✓ And more.


How does it work? 

After your purchase has been completed, you will receive easy-to-follow instructions for accessing this template and all of its assets.  

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Danette Lowe

"Go Digital Now is undoubtedly the best investment I've made in my five years of studying digital marketing.

-  Business owner & Financial advisor

Stuart Macadam

"Go Digital Now is a fire hose of marketing knowledge, wrapped in elegant packages, with insightful targeting of actions to help small business owners succeed in an ever changing digital world."

- Marketing Expert & Business Owner

Bethany Garland

"Stewart's break down of going digital really simplifies the process. The way he builds on the foundation he sets and continuously provides additional resources for support made me think... "I can actually do this!"

Senior Learning and Development Advisor

Victoria Envy

“Go Digital Now is a fantastic resource for all business owners - small or large - who are looking to improve their online presence. The e-Book empowers business owners to take charge of their digital marketing with simple, easy to follow steps. Every business owner should read this book!”

Director / Business Owner