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Content Marketing 101 Guide for Small Businesses (Ebook)

Content Marketing 101 Guide for Small Businesses (Ebook)

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Do you run a small business? Are you just starting out with content marketing?

Not sure where to start?

This Content Marketing 101 ebook is for you!

This Content Marketing 101 Guide for Small Businesses (Ebook) will help you with the fundamentals, tools, and strategies for engaging in social media and content marketing and to crush it online!

In this book, you’ll learn the foundations of content and social media formats, types, content strategies, tools, ideas, and more for growing your small business online.

These are the foundational activities, tools and strategies you want to be familiar with before diving head-first into the digital landscape.

The content in this book is from my complete Go Digital Now - The Ultimate Small Business Playbook. You can find this ebook over in this store.

This is the Content Marketing 101 Guide that every small business owner needs!

I like to keep things simple! No matter your current skills or knowledge, you can understand everything in this book and apply it to your small business NOW.

This practical playbook is for everyone! So if you’re thinking about launching or already operating one of the following businesses

✓ Local business

✓ Service-based business

✓ Sole proprietorship

✓ Entrepreneurial venture

✓ Personal brands

✓ Entrepreneurial venture

✓ Influencer business

✓ Freelancing

✓ Start-ups

then this easy-to-digest and dynamic playbook is for you!

What's included?

✓ PDF version of the Digital Marketing 101 Guide for Local Businesses (Ebook).

✓ Helpful diagrams and examples.

✓ Lifetime updates.

How does it work?

After your purchase has been completed, you'll be able to download this ebook and start your digital transformation!

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Go Digital Now - The Ultimate Small Business Playbook

The Ultimate Small Business Playbook

Why did I wrote this book?

I get hundreds of emails and comments each week in relation to ‘how to use
’,  ‘how can I set up
’, ‘what is the best software for
’ and more that are all essentially asking the same question
 how can my small business transition and succeed online?

So, I decided to take everything I know, teach and execute and bundle it into an all-in-one DIY practical playbook with actionable information, tools and strategies.

How do I download my digital products?

Once you've completed a purchase, you can download and access your digital product through two methods. First, through an email that takes you to the download page. Second, after your purchase you'll be redirected to the download page.

What do I mean by 'playbook'?

This book is not just a book. I also offer written articles and video tutorials for you to take advantage of. These are extensive guides and tutorials for many of the tools, strategies and activities I discuss in this book.

This means you’re able to dive deeper and get up and running online through a visual video learning experience.

Do you ship internationally?(Paperback Book)

Yes, we do ship internationally for the paperback book. The shipping fee may vary depending on your location. All other products are digital products meaning they have downloadable files and therefore shipping is not required!

Who is this book for?

Simple, understandable and actionable playbook for any aspiring or current small business owner.

This is for anyone who has a business idea but isn’t sure where and how to get started. Or for those existing business owners looking to adapt, evolve and get ahead online.

If you’re thinking about launching or already operating one of the following businesses

  • Local business
  • Service-based business
  • eCommerce Business
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Entrepreneurial venture
  • Influencer businessFreelancing
  • Start-up

What will I get out of this book?

So much value! If you're a new business owner or existing business owner and want to learn how you can better leverage the internet to grow your small business... Then this is the book for you. I don't just talk about it, I show you how to do everything by sharing many types of resources.

Am I too old to shift my business online?

No, you are never too old or too late to the game. This book is for beginners, those with little to no experience with the digital world. I also share advanced strategies and concepts BUT I break these down in a way that ANYONE can follow.

Does the ebook work on Kindle?

Sure does!

You will recieve both a PDF and EPUB version of the bo

ok. With both these files you can send them to your Kindle or other reading application.

Here is a helpful YouTube video that will show you how to add the ebook to your Kindle or other reading application.

The EPUB file is more approriate for Kindle and other applications if you want control over the text size, theme and other elements.

What is your return policy?

30-day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our digital products, let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund! That's how confident we are in our products!

"Simple, understandable & actionable playbook for any aspiring or current small business owner!"

- Stewart Gauld -

  • Video Resources

    Throughout this book we share video resources to help you dive deeper into the 'how to' of leveraging specific tools and activties.

  • QR Codes

    QR codes are added within the book so you can scan these on your phone and directly access the videos or other resources.

  • Images & Illustrations

    Engaging images and illustrations to help you digest the actionable information so that you can execute.

  • Articles

    4 + years of written articles that you can follow along on how to execute the information that we discuss in this book.

What is the goal of this book?

To provide a clear road map for your small business...

Learn WHAT you need to do to transform online.

Learn HOW you can actually execute these activities.

Learn about the tools, strategies and steps you need to take to thrive online.

  • Read on Android devices

  • Read on iOS devices

  • Paperback available with Lulu

  • Read on Kindle devices

  • Some of our favourite tools for Small Businesses

Danette Lowe

"Go Digital Now is undoubtedly the best investment I've made in my five years of studying digital marketing.

This book is a treasure trove, encompassing everything a small business owner needs to comprehend about the intricate web of digital marketing strategies that can drive business growth.

The value it provides far surpasses its price – I'd say it's worth at least 100 times more!

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for curating this digital
marketing masterpiece.

It's been an enlightening journey, and I can't recommend this book enough to fellow entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in the digital realm."

-  Business owner & Financial Advisor

Liam Fitzgerald

"This book is a easy to follow, step-by-step guide to maximise digital marketing and streamline inefficiencies to allow me to focus on building my business/brand."

- Aspiring business owner

Stuart Macadam

"Go Digital Now is a fire hose of marketing knowledge, wrapped in elegant packages, with insightful targeting of actions to help small business owners succeed in an ever changing digital world."

- Marketing Expert & Business Owner

Bethany Garland

"Stewart's break down of going digital really simplifies the process. The way he builds on the foundation he sets and continuously provides additional resources for support made me think... "I can actually do this!"

- Senior Learning and Development Advisor

Victoria Envy

“Go Digital Now is a fantastic resource for all business owners - small or large - who are looking to improve their online presence. The e-Book empowers business owners to take charge of their digital marketing with simple, easy to follow steps. Every business owner should read this book!”

- Director / Business Owner